About Us

The 10 and 90 Foundation is a tax exempt, non-profit organization with one goal in mind: spreading positivity to those in need. It was formed by Logan Seelye, a young man who suffered a life-changing football injury at the age of 16 when he broke his neck and suffered a spinal cord injury while making a tackle. He has since turned his story into a motivational and inspirational way to live life, and decided it was time to give back.

Our foundation was formed with a few goals in mind:

  • We want to give back to our community
  • We will create an athletic scholarship for local high schools
  • We will raise money to provide local high schools athletic teams with better gear/jerseys/equipment
  • We will help them get to different camps to better themselves and learn from great leaders
  • We will provide resources and donations to help those who have also suffered spinal cord injuries

We would be so honored if you donated to help us achieve our dreams!

April 2017



Tax Exempt

Logan Seelye

Executive Director

Love & Positivity


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